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Hazard Fly Fishing Faceted Beads

Hazard Fly Fishing Faceted Beads

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 Our tungsten beads will help you to get your flies down to where the fish are. Made from 97% tungsten which EXCEEDS the industry standards. Available in sizes 2.5mm - 4.0mm, prices will vary based on size and color.

Recommended sizes for hooks:

2.5mm or 3/32" : Fits size 16 hooks

3.0mm or 7/64" : Fits size 14 hooks

3.5mm or 1/8" : Fits size 12 hooks

4.0mm or 5/32" : Fits size 8-10 hooks

Manufactured to our highest standards.
Great selection of colors & finishes
4mm beads comply with FIPS Mouche measuring device